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This Stafford based Dealer renowned throughout the Midlands and most of the UK has now called time on the Honda brand.

The product is still good but the viability of the franchise does not hold up.


Times and markets are changing


We predicted the products from Chinese nations gaining a serious foothold in 1994 everybody said I was Mad ??

It is felt that now and the next few years the signs are the market is ready for big changes. The new market will emerge and go forward, we should embrace it not try to stop it.  Most dealers with main franchises are blinkered by the fact that they have followed the norm and not looked at what is around them and suppliers are not giving equitable terms for dealers and end users.

i.e. many other makes have caught up with the big boys and in a number of cases exceeded the quality or design or value for money for both dealer and end user, and many more are catching up fast, some of the big  players going backwards, they will meet in the middle soon.

Talking with these other suppliers we feel Hey! We feel like customers again a feeling been missing too long, and even more important a passion for the motorcycle way of life in all its facets.

Only found of late with the service and parts Guys whom we will always have a mutual respect for and good relationships as knowledge and experience is king

We will continue as before servicing and supplying parts and accessories for all makes, with original parts where required.  We will carry out all the service facilities as previous.  Also all of the specialist services:- MOT, Rebores, Helicoils, Welding etc etc.

New brands we are already talking to Benelli, LML,Sym,HonleyKeeway,Lexmoto,and Hyosung.

We feel that E Bikes are part of the future, we are exploring this avenue also.

We expect that our divorcee to be a bit bitchy but Ho Hum

Any worries or queries of any nature contact us.


Onwards and upwards.


Yours in Motorcycling.